Priya Ollapally Wellington

Product Management / Design / Engineering / Creative Dabbling

Digital Product Management

I’ve led product teams at The New York Times, Away, and Medium. At The New York Times, I overhauled the article experience and built infrastructure for collections of content. I went on to serve as the first head of digital product at Away, a travel and lifestyle brand.

While at Medium, I built tools to empower writers on the platform.

Most recently, at Relay, I shipped two new products from scratch creating new revenue streams.


Early in my career as a freelancer, I built sites for documentary filmmakers and small businesses, and administered small business websites for jewelry makers to startup online law schools.

At-scale experience includes UX Strategy on the New York Times digital design team. I also designed user flows for both new products I shipped at Relay.

A lifetime ago, I designed, typeset and hand-printed wedding invitations, convention and concert posters at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, TN. I still own a 5×7 tabletop letterpress.

Web Development

I led design and development of NYUHome, the New York University portal for faculty, staff, and students.

At the New York Times, as an engineer, I worked on core experiences such as the commenting system and the homepage, and was one of two developers overseeing all CSS & HTML for the engineering organization.

About me

Hello! I’m Priya.

I’m a Nashville native who studied and worked in New York City for two decades before returning home. I have nearly twenty years of experience in design, web and app development, product management and project management. I am currently a manager on a small but mighty engineering team at a startup.

I have also designed interiors, I dabble in audio, and I write. Life is too short not to try as many creative things as you possibly can.